Thursday, August 22, 2002

So, Once Again, What is IA?
Christina has done it again: She leads me to great sources, such as this one from Jeff Lash. He's done a great job of tying in the history of the Web, the backgrounds of people who used to work on it, and how information architecture not only appeared but was [and is] so needed.
Nicely done, Jeff!

Friday, August 16, 2002

Language Changes
Don Norman rules!
Many thanks to Christina for pointing this out.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

The Evils of Visio
I wonder if I have enough time to write this...because Visio has soooo many problems.
I just finished a two-page diagram/drawing (I'm not sure what it is I produce in Visio). Cluttered, silly, ugly, and difficult—that's how I see it. The lack of transparency, blurs, layers, make it a difficult tool to use in illustrating a concept. It's pretty good, I'll grant you, at depicting network diagrams...and it's not too shabby for showing some relationships. But try to get at all abstract and it falls apart.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Sad Movies
Some people like scary movies, watching them late at night while alone. Not me. I don't like to be scared in that terror-filled way of, say, Blair Witch Project (the last 20 minutes of that movie terrified me, despite the three loud assholes behind us who were drinking beer and smoking cigars in the theater). That rush of adrenaline gives me a headache in a different way than a roller-coaster ride would.
Instead, I tend to watch sad movies alone at night. Don't know why...maybe it's the personal nature of sadness, something that's not easily shared like joy or anger or righteous indignation.
Last night I'm watching Waking the Dead. Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly create a realistic love and heartache that's too palpable, too realistic: I found myself almost not able to breathe from the sadness of the movie. The sense of loss, the spin into madness, and the fact that the movie leaves you wondering what's real...and realizing that it doesn't really matter.
whew...gotta go back to editing tech docs now for relief.