Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sunday Driving  So I'm at the richmond BMW Sunday a.m. breakfast. I rode my new Breva there, mainly just to show it off...and show it off I did!
After the breakfast/meeting, everyone goes out into the parking lot. I had hooked up with my friend Bruce, who rides a 1970ish R75/5 (that won People's Choice at the Morton's open house the day before). He was with two friends, Nikki & Rachel. At any rate I went outside with 'em...Rachel had been telling me how she wanted a BMW, an older model, but didn't have $$ or license yet. I mentioned taking the MSF course, easy and userful way to a license, and as we walked out, she said, "What do you ride?" and I said, "Moto Guzzi Breva."

She perked up bigtime & said, "Guzzi! Worshipworshipworshipworship!" So I took her and Bruce and Nikki over to my bike, where they oohed and ahhed appropriately. Also, about a dozen riders came up to me saying, "Wow! First Breva I've seen in the flesh." Lots of people were very appreciative.

Fun stuff....

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