Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dienstleistungwüste  So my motorcycle is still at the dealer, waiting to be fixed. So the contractor still hasn't gotten back to me with an estimate
So the dealer received the waranteed parts on Monday (May 9), but didn't know until mid-day Tuesday. Someone had put the package on his workbench but didn't tell him...and he didn't see it.


Now it's Thursday (May 11) and still no word. I left a voice message yesterday & sent an email today, curious as to the status.
What's a reasonable time before I start getting antsy? I don't want to be a pain/pest, but I am kind of stuck without my brand-new Breva. Too, next weekend I'd planned an overnight, pre-National. I'm a bit concerned...but maybe I'm overreacting.


Anonymous said...

Put my car in for repairs. My loaner is a 2005 Lincoln. Maybe I'm living right.

Joe said...

Got it back last Wednesday.