Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Does the User Matter?  I sometimes wonder why we in the UX field must snipe at ourselves, fragment our vision, and in general muck things up.
So now, apparently, the user doesn't matter.

Here's a response I wrote to Peter:
I appreciate where y'all are going in this...and if the audience for this is the HCI/UX/Whatever community, it's worthwhile.

The danger is when this jargon escapes our bailiwick and enters the world our clients, our managers, our customers inhabit. I'm afraid they'll hear, "So, just worry about the tool & wht it does, right? So we just center development on the application we're building? So we just cut out worrying about people and just worry about technology...? Greaaaat. We'll go back 20 years and do tech-centered development. That way, we're focusing on the tool."

I'm not saying that's what you and Don ARE saying, I'm just afraid that's what customers will hear. So from my viewpoint, I still feel UX makes sense.

Where is the call for balance? And, too, as one commentor wrote, how is this different from Alan Cooper's goal-based design?
I guess I have more readin' to do, Lucy.

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