Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More on Motorcycling  Well, I went on another trip this weekend. Ostensibly I was going to visit my brother in Lawrenceville, GA...but as it turns out, he was out hunting (a very Gawja thing to do thse days). Instead, I ended up riding around in the South Carolina Highlands. Next day I rode up through Highlands, NC to the Dragon...Deal's Gap. Instead of riding the Gap, though, I hung around a little, watched the packs of bikes come & go, and then rode to Cherokee, NC. I rode the first part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but I had to jump off it before Waynesville to make tracks to get to Boone, NC. Seems I had sorta screwed up by making a nonrefundable reservation there.
So I got to Boone just before twilight. Next day it was 33 degrees...and I had to drive. I wanted to get home before the rain...but it was not to be. Instead, I ended up running into rain around Oxford, NC, and rode in it till Richmond. Ugh! But the bike worked well for the most part, despite its lighter size. The wind certainly pushed it around.
So, mostly, I love the bike. Still, the Griso or the Breva 1100 might, just might be in my future...next year.

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