Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Why Do Republicans Hate the Troops?  Endemic to the Repbulican party is the hollow flag-draping and bloody shirt-waving posturing of the party as being "tough on defense." Instead and indeed, the truth is that the GOP is the party of big pockets for defense contractors. The recent revelations of deplorable Abu Ghraib-like conditions in Walter Reed and other outpatient care facilities shows just how little the Republican-dominated Congress and Administration care for the broken cannon fodder it has been sending to an illegal, ill-conceived war in Iraq. So the next time a Repub sez he's voting for Cantor or McCain or Gilmore or Giuliani or even John Webb, remember that these guys belong to the party that has, for at least the last seven years, gutted veteran's care.
Never forget, just like an elephant never forgets.

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