Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on the RidgeRunners' Ride 2007

Pictures of the ride.

The route was, starting in Richmond, then
  • West on River Road to SR 6
  • SR6 west through Scottsville (still torn up), with a side trip to Schuyler, VA (home of Walton's Mountain creater Earl Hamner, Jr.)
  • US 29 S to Colleen (after lunch in Lovingston).
  • SR 56 west to Piney Grove, then SR 778 west/southwest to US 60.
  • US 60 to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • South on the BRP to SR 130
  • SR 130 west to Natural Bridge, VA

Spent the night at the hotel there (20% discount for motorcyclists, with the coupon from the hotel's page)
  • Sunday north on US 11 (with a stop at Foamhenge!)
  • Putz around Lexington looking for an open coffee shop (couldn't find one!) Grab some fruit at Kroger's, then stop for fuel outside of town.
  • SR 39 west through Goshen Pass, with stops at the Maury River and Dan Ingall's Overlook.
  • SR 39 west to US 220 north, stopping for lunch in Monterey, VA.
  • US 220 north to West Virginia. Shortly after crossing the line, SR 25 east to SR 21 North to Brandywine, WV.
  • US 33 east all the way back to Richmond,, with a stop on Shenandoah Mountain, fuel before the Blue Ridge, discover low oil, stop in Ruckersville looking for oil, stop in Gordonsville for a chocolate malted & a quart of 10W40 dino (mixing with my 10W50 synth, due to low oil).

Approx. 440 miles round trip, 9.5 hours in the saddle, top speed 102mph (for me, not Dave & Ray), average speed 44 mph, average fuel 39 mpg.

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