Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest from the Road
Not doing a great job of keeping up with blogging, but, well, sue me. I'm in the middle of an 11-day motorcycle trip. Already been out to Fayetteville, AR, for a Moto Guzzi rally.
Yes, the Haven-meisters have done it again! Apparently a red Breva 1100 is to have changed hands yesterday, and they were riding east today and tomorrow. Still, Bob was grateful to Steve & also the dealer from Nebraska (or was it Montana? I only heard second-hand) for willingness to jump in & help.
I had to leave the BASIL (brothers and sons-in-law) at their hotel yesterday a.m. to go camping for two days with my bro- & sis-in-law & my wife, who'd flown out to Fayetteville to visit w/her sister (& bro-in-law, too!). We drove to Fayetteville, gathered food & beer & ice & barbecue & other stuff for the property they own, & headed east of Fayettteville to near Rush on the Buffalo River.
I rode behind Donna's Forrester, enjoying 412 and 65 and 62 and 14 to Rush road. I also enjoyed that, too...till the pavement gave way to a gravel 8% downhill! I rode the gravel, though, and made the turn onto their dirt road...but I gave up when it began to pour. Mud and rock and slope do not a Breva 1100 riding course make.
So, David came up with the trailer & we ratcheted my Dawn Treader down and took it to the campsite.
Had a great time hangin' with family and also friends Laura & Andre Codrescu, who live nearby. Drinking in front of the fire and telling stories, having fun, was just what the doctor ordered...because on top of everything else this trip (tire, wind, lightning, storms, Bob's bearings, heat), I lost a filling Sunday a.m./Sat. night! So, I left the Rush property early and am headed east...hope to still make the VA rally & all, but I wanted to be in civilization in case I need emergency dental work.

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