Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Days in Germany

Came across this note from the first week I spent in germany in October 1999:
Well, it's been a full week, I can tell you--left last Monday, arrived Tuesday. Came to the office for a couple of hours, then went to the hotel they'd booked for me. Wednesday was a full work day! Thursday, too--and that night I went out with three of the guys from the company to eat & drink & chat. Lots o'fun! Friday I was told I'd be moving to an apartment...but I'd already made plans to go see a good friend of mine play blues in Belgium (see or Had to leave at 1 and got there at almost 10. Great night, lots of music, but had to find a place to crash. The club owner was nice enough to let me stay with him. The Belgians are very nice!
The next day I spent on the trains getting back to Hamburg. Saturday night I then had to get all my stuff from the hotel & move into the apartment. Yesterday I went shopping at the main train station (Hauptbahnhof), since the stores aren't open on Sundays...except for the ones in train stations. Comical....So, I had to buy a few items, just to survive for a couple of days. Still have to buy soap & another pillow (the one in the place is a feather pillow, and I like more neck support!).
So, I´m slowly getting used to living in´s a bit different from all the times I traveled here before!

It was a great time, and it was quite a weekend. Seems like so long ago...

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