Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Irritations Part 1
OK, so many blogs are compendia of curmudgeonly crap...I guess I could either avoid the fray or jump right in.
Here goes.
I was listening to a voicemail today. The person who called is leaving me a friendly, chatty message. . . and she's eating something! How do I know? No, it's not the crunchCrunchCRUNCH of chips or chicken. Instead, it's the rounding of her vowels abnormally. Her os are more, well, o-ey. Her as are softer, not as plosive as normal.

Why does this bother me? I dunno. . . I think it's something to do with my family's obsession with people eating with their mouths open—something that drives us crazy.

Please. . . Don't chew with your mouth open, and don't eat while you're talking on the phone.

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